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Luis Ortiz, born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria en 1974, works as a musitian sijce 1990. He have lived for more than 18 years in different International cities like Dublín, Londres, Boston, Los Ángeles, Barcelona, Berlín and nowadays he has return to Canary islands, his home land, from where he manages his different projects who´s main characteristc  is the serach of new sonorities and structures keeping the listener in a constant alert and full of expectation of what`s going to happen next.

On 2000 he starts Klitekture records, Minimal sound art referent with artists such asits his first and most loved label that includes the works of artists like Sutekh, Mikael Stavostrand, Frank Bretchneider, Thomas Brinkman, Mapstation, Krikor, Deadbeat, Johan Skugge, Tomas jirku, Tonne, Pep gaya, Andreas Tilliander and LOD himself dedicated to create clicky music for minimal minds under a conceptual format and sustained with techno influence rhythms decorated with gltichness. Most of these artists are now icons of electronic music with a unique and personal style.

In 2004 While living in Barcelona he creates Sinergy-Networks, a netlabel based on the synergy theory who affirms that the combined power of a group of things when they are working together which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. Sinergy-networks counts with more than 100 artists and was nominated as best label in 2007 at Qwartz Awards (París) along with other wellknown labels like Touch, Staubgold, Ant-zen who´s artists roster incluyes Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fennez, Mapstation, etc.
Luis Ortiz have gain the respect of the International Electronic music scene for his enermous contribution as Label Manager for his labels sinergy-networks and klitekture, discovering new talents that have fed labels like Richie Hwatin´s Minus, Daypak´s Mosferry, Pole´s scape and many more.

As musitian, with his LOD Project, he was also nominated on 2005 by Qwartz Awards in Paris in 2 different categories ( best track and new Discovery ), a year later he receives a new nomination as best track of 2006 and he becomes in one of few selected artists to be nominated in different years for what he was invited to perform with his Project Krater during the awards ceremony. As LOD he has released his music in labels from Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Rusia and spain with great feedbacks from specialized press like Debug (germany), Groove (germany), The Wire (UK), Traxx ( Spain/france), Cyclic Defrost (Netherlands), etc gaining respect from artists like Richie Hawtin, Daypak, Jeff Milligan, Ellen Allien, Angel Molina, Joel Mull, etc

In 2006, after many years working as a solo artists, he decides to create new projects with different conceptual approaches inviting other musictians and visual artists like Krater, Fehlfaktor, Oranda plus the close collaborations with visual artists Amanda Lopez. In all forms of colaborations music and video are treated equally working closely from the early stages of any type of production to create Taylor made audio-visual compositions.

Luis Ortiz have performed at most prestigious international festivals for this genre of music like Sonar (Barcelona), Observatori (Valencia), Superdeluxe (Tokio), Colours Studio (Tokio, Japón), Electro-Mecánica (San Petersburgo ), Shanti (Moscú), Festival de Mayo (Guadalajara, Méjico), Time Warp (Frankfurt, Alemania), Killekill (Berlín, Alemania), Qwartz awards (Paris, France), le lieu unique (Nantes, Francia), Dispatch (Belgrado, Serbia), .Musac (León, España) and many more. Check the performance page for a complete listing.

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