LOD + Amanda Lopez

Written by flumili
Monday, 22 September 2008 15:35


Since 2005 LOD and Amanda Lopez have beeen working together developing audio-visual works  for live performances and releases on klitekture and sinergy-networks, labels that they have been also running together since then.
In all forms of colaborations music and video are treated equally working closely from the early stages of any type of production to create Taylor made audio-visual compositions.
The result is a unique piece of art that have been presented in contemporary art museums aswell as in the Electronic dance scene all around the world.  They have performed in different cities of USA, Mexico, Europe and Japan.
Together they run sinergy-networks, a netlabel based on the sinergism theory with the cooperation and interaction of artists from different countries. Sinergy-networks online events consist in the live manipulation from artists in different locations via internet. It is basically the live representation of the netlabel concept.
As Event organizers they are in charge of Canarias Crea Berlin, a showcase of electronic music and visuals from canary islands. The festival takes place in Berghain and Watergate, the most popular clubs in Berlin and probably in the World that have served  as platforms to the different editions.

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